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Air-con Antibacterial Treatment

Quick Car Detailing
Quick Car Detailing

Your dashboard can be active breeding grounds of bacteria, especially considering the fact that it has components that you frequently touch with your bare hands such as the console, the console storage, and other control buttons on your dashboard. The last thing you want is for the microbes to spread all over the vehicle through your air-con.
At Quick Car Detailing, we offer an antibacterial treatment for your car’s air-conditioning unit. It effectively kills fungi, bacteria, and all kinds of living microorganisms that could be hiding in plain sight. We use high-quality body-deodorizing agents to prevent moisture from forming in your car’s air-con system and keep it smelling fresh and clean for longer.
The air-con antibacterial treatment can be included in our interior detailing packages. It’s available at affordable rates so don’t forget to request the service when you drop by.
Why do we need Air-con Antibacterial Treatment?
After a certain period there are high chances that your car AC can accumulate bacteria. It can be dangerous to both, you and your car AC system. If you feel the signs that your car Ac has bacteria like, bad odour, suffocation, lack of cold air blowing then it’s time to get it serviced. At Quick car detailing you will have the best Air-con Antibacterial Treatment at affordable price. A full car AC cleaning service in Brisbane can improve the air quality and give you a peace of mind. It is must to get a Car AC cleaning Service Brisbane to avoid most of the common health issues caused by bacteria in Car’s AC. The AC should be kept clean all the time.

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