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Car Detailing

Quick Car Detailing is the #1 multi-brand car cleaning company in Australia. We specialise in car detailing services that bring your driving experience to a whole other level. As the market leader, we work hard to achieve results that satisfy our clients without charging a premium price for our services.

Car detailing is one aspect of car ownership that is often neglected. Although there is nothing completely wrong in doing the work on your own, getting a professional car detailing service ensures that both the interior and exterior of your car is kept in pristine quality.
We have a team of auto detailing specialists who know how to properly handle a car inside and out. We see to it that all nooks, crannies, and crevices are attended to. We also make sure that the whole cleaning and washing process do not damage your vehicle in any way.
At Quick Car Detailing, your previous car will always come out looking and feeling like a luxury vehicle in all angles.

What makes Quick Car Detailing unique?

At Quick Car Detailing, our services are not only focused on exterior cleaning and washing. We also offer the best car interior detailing services, hand waxing, dashboard treatment, and AC cleaning. Our goal is to ensure that all corners and parts of your vehicle are well taken care of. This way, the overall performance is enhanced and you are able to make the most of it.

Why do we need car detailing service?
Car detailing is the best way to keep your car in good condition. It is not about only wax and polish, the complete Car detailing covers many other car services. At Quick car detailing we have expertise in following services:

Quick car detailing does much more than a basic car wash at best price. At lesser price you will get a complete makeover for your car. We cover all of Car detailing whether it is about cleaning a carpet, steam clean or whatever. All of our staff have depth knowledge about every car model and know each car dealing service in Brisbane . You must visit us for a trail of car detailing service and enjoy the best results. So book us now and make your car shine like a brand new one.

Get Best Car Detailing Services Within The Presence of Experts 

Looking for a quick car detailing near me on Google? To solve your concern, the skilled working team of Quick Car Detailing offers the best car detailing services for you. By joining hands with us, we ensure to fulfill each and every client requirement of effective car detailing Logan offers. Once you booked an appointment with us, we pamper your car with complete care and handle your issues with professionalism making sure to achieve a high standard. That is why we are using only the Industry grade polishing and waxing machines along with other necessary car care tools for achieving customer satisfaction.

At Quick Car Detailing, we also cover a wide-scope car-related service, which includes:

  • The potential car detailing Logan services
  • Hand car washing along with the dashboard treatment
  • Buffing and polishing your car and facilitates the best services of carpet cleaning and steam cleaning. 
  • We are popular to provide budget-friendly services that perfectly fits into your pocket.

For a more comprehensive knowledge guide about our offering services and its relatable cost, contact us now by the means of dialing our number or via the live chat option. 

Why choose Quick Car Detailing?

As car owners ourselves, we understand your needs and preferences when it comes to car cleaning services. We also want our clients to have confidence in our services and this is why we take extra care of your car in every session.

More importantly, we offer a great selection of packages and the best car detailing prices in the market. It doesn’t matter which car model you are driving or if you are trying to work on a budget. We have the best auto detailing packages for all price points and there’s surely one that suits your needs.

At Quick Car Detailing, we have complete amenities for all the services we offer. Our team also consists of professionally trained mechanics, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your car with us.

Packages that Meet Your Budget

At Quick Car Detailing, we have 6 different packages ranging from $25 to $185. Feel free to pick whatever suits your fancy and we will do the rest. Our rates depend on the size of your vehicle and the inclusions you want in the package. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us when you call for an appointment.


Wagon: $30, 4wd/7-Seater: $35 , Big cars: $55
  •   Soft touch hand wash
  •   Chamois dry & spot free rinse
  •   Door jambs cleaned and wiped
  •   Great Wheel clean & tyre dressed
  •   Exterior windows

Wagon: $30, 4wd/7-Seater: $35 , Big cars: $55
  •    Interior dusting & chamois wiped
  •    Vaccum interior & boot vaccumed
  •    Dashboard & console cleaned

Wagon: $55, 4wd/7-Seater: $65 , Big cars: $75
  •    Pk 1 Plus
  •    Interior dusting & wiped
  •   Windows inside & out
  •   Dashboard & console cleared

Wagon: $77, 4wd/7-Seater: $99 , Big cars: $115
  •    Pk 3 Plus
  •   Hand wax & Polish
  •   Exterior plastic rubber polish

Wagon: $121, 4wd/7-Seater: $132 , Big cars: Quote
  •    Pk 3 Plus
  •   Hand wax & polish
  •   Dashboard & console clean
  •   Great wheel clean
  •   Rubber floor mats washed
  •   Bugs removed, door jambs, boot jambs cleaned

Wagon: $220, 4wd/7-Seater: $280 , Big cars: Quote
  •    Pk 3 Plus
  •   Seats, carpets, boot vaccumed
  •   Interior seats, carpets shampoo
  •   Steam clean seats & carpets
  •   Interior detail & polished
  •   Engine bay wash & detailed
Hand wax $5 $30
Hand wax & polish $25 $30
Pets hair ask for quote QUOTE $30
Seats shampoo, steam clean $30 $30
All seats shampoo, stem clean $99 $30
All carpets shampoo, steam clean $99 $30
Dashboard treatement $25 $30
Leather clean $55 $77
Leather protection $99 $132
Cut-polish buff machine quote form $99 $145
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