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Car Cleaning Services

Car Cleaning Services that are way more important for your health

Car cleaning is as important as the cleaning of a home or other usable items we use every day. A recent study was done by the health department that coronavirus can survive on surfaces like plastic or stainless steel for about 3 days. This particular information is enough to throw light on how important it would be to keep your car clean, especially the interiors on a regular basis that becomes quite essential in the post-lock-down period.
Right from cleaning your hands, cleaning your phone, and all the frequently touched surfaces along with sanitizing your homes and workspaces, and even cars is a necessity now. keep cleaning your car by yourself but if you feel like deep cleaning must go for car cleaning services with complete safety. What precautions should be taken by the experts for cleaning your car? 

1. Keep yourself safe

  • Before you start cleaning your car or to go for professional cleaning make sure you are protecting yourself from all the dust, bacteria, or cleaning products. 
  • Some car cleaning products contain chemicals that are strong and can cause itching or irritation in your throat and eyes. 
  • Use a protective mask to cover your nose and mouth, to avoid you from breathing into the dust which can make you sick.
  • It’s highly advisable to protect your eyes by wearing eye-protection of some kind too. 
  • Use hand gloves to avoid catching an infection from surfaces.

2. Clean off dust with the help of some machine

  • Start by vacuuming clean all the surfaces, seats, and the floor. Then move on to washing the floor mats in your car. 
  • Remove them, dust them and clean them with a basic rag that has a disinfectant soap on it. 
  • If you don’t find disinfectant soap, antibacterial soap or alcohol diluted with water will also work. 
  • Clean the dashboard, AC vents, and all car detailing services to the corners of the car interiors properly.

3. Focus on frequently touched surfaces

  • Spend more time on cleaning the frequently touched surfaces.
  • Steering wheel, screens, indicator, buttons, seat belt, seats, handbrake, gear, door handles, etc to make sure you clean them up thoroughly and frequently. 
  • Use a good antibacterial chemical to clean these surfaces.

4. Be careful while cleaning the seats and fabrics

  • The leather and fabrics used for seat covers are of premium quality and get damaged by the disinfectants you use.
  • Make sure you use a soap that will not damage the seat fabric but wiEnsure the expert uses the right product you are using upon the seats.ll also clean the seat properly. 
  • Ensure the expert uses the right product you are using upon the seats.

5. Don’t forget to clean the air filters

  • We always use AC in the car while going out for a drive, therefore cleaning air filters is a very important aspect above all. 
  • For basic cleaning use compressed air in the AC vents and follow by vacuuming the dust-out. 
  • Spot the air absorber vent below the windshield and remove the vent and filter and with you, AC on full power, spray disinfectant into it.

Ask experts to perform brief exterior cleaning services upon your car and use the rightful process over it.

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