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Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

Carpet Steam Cleaning Services - Which Carpet Cleaning Method Should You Choose

Car carpet cleaning is not just a regular process of cleaning to remove stains but it is a way to keep your car interior clean and at the same time it improves the life of it. Most people think they only need to clean their carpet when they see very noticeable stains and nasty smells come inside the car but, the actual fact is that, that your carpets require cleaning on weekends to clean all the non-reachable or non-visible germs protection as well. Plus, it may require more frequent cleans depending on your carpet’s warranty information and how frequently you use your car.

What Method is Best for Your Carpet cleaning?

There are different ways you clean your carpet and each method of cleaning has various features. Carpet steam cleaning services involve deep cleaning of the car carpet to prevent cleanliness and bad smell.

Dry cleaning

  • This is a convenient cleaning method for those high traffic areas that require fast drying time. This is not your best option for a full clean in fact it also works well for maintenance cleans.
  • Dry cleaning with an absorbent compound works by spreading a mixture of a powder with specialized cleaning agents and solvents over your carpet and then working it into the carpet with rotating brushes. 
  • The dust from the carpet is absorbed by the powder and after about ten to fifteen minutes of setting time, the powder mixture is vacuumed up.
  • A simple system of cleaning that does not require experts and it dries quickly with the whole process taking about twenty minutes before you can use your carpet again.
  • Dry cleaning is an inexpensive, fast, and simple method to apply and use.

Wet Cleaning

  • Wet cleaning uses hot water extraction which is also known as steam cleaning as the very first step applied as a pre-conditioning shampoo to the carpet. 
  • This process helps in liquefy soil and oil-based stains with the machine spray as it works as a cleaning solvent onto the carpet and then sucks it back up along with all the dirt.  This solution helps remove soil deep within the carpet particles.
  • Steam cleaning machines can be truck-mounted or portable units as there are major benefits to both of these methods. 
  • With a portable machine, there is the obvious advantage of being able to use it in smaller spaces like apartment buildings where the reach of the truck-mounted hose is limited. 
  • Although, the power of the truck-mounted unit is an overall better method of cleaning and should be used whenever possible for the best cleaning experience.
  • Allows for the reaction of the cleaning solvent over an extended period of time.
  • An extraction wand or grooming tool facilitates the agitation of chemical reactivity.
  • It is the most commonly used carpet cleaning services method above all.

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